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On October 1, 2017, a tragedy occurred in my hometown of Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest music festival. On that fateful night, our community experienced the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. 58 people died and over 800 were injured. The victims came from all walks of life. They came to Las Vegas from across the United States and the globe. Some were there to celebrate their birthdays, their favorite country singer, a night out with friends and family, or even to celebrate their wedding anniversaries.

One year later, as we reflect on the anniversary of the shooting, we must honor the victims and tell their story. Over the past year, I have spoken on the House Floor about each individual and spoke about what Congress needs to do to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. As our community continues to heal, I have set up this page to mark the anniversary of 1 October. Las Vegas has come together as a city during this challenging time and we will continue to be Vegas Strong.


                                                Rep. Ruben J. Kihuen

                                                Member of Congress

October 1 Floor Speech 10/12/17 
October 1 Floor Speech 07/25/18 

Hannah Ahlers
Heather Alvarado
Dorene Anderson
Carrie Barnette
Jack Beaton
Steven Berger
Candice Bowers
Denise Burditus
Sandy Casey
Andrea Castilla
Denise Cohen
Thomas Day JR.
Austin Davis
Christiana Duarte
Stacee Rodrigues Etcheber
Brian Fraser
Dana Gardner
Keri Galvan
Angela "Angie" Gomez
Charleston Hartfield
Chris Hazencomb
Jennifer Irvine
Teresa Kimura
Jessica Klymchuk
Carly Kreibaum
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Kelsey Meadows
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Rachael Parker
Jennifer "Jenny" Parks
Carrie Parsons
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Melissa Ramirez
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Christopher Roybal
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Laura Shipp
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Brennan Stewart
Derrick "Bo" Taylor
Kurt von Tillow
Neysa Tonks
Michelle Vo
William 'Bill" Wolfe Jr.

October 1, 2018




Las Vegas, NV – Rep. Ruben J. Kihuen released the following statement on the anniversary of the 1 October shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival:

“Today marks the first anniversary of the 1 October shooting which was the worst mass shooting in modern American history” said Rep. Kihuen. “As thousands congregated on the Las Vegas Strip to enjoy the Route 91 Harvest music festival with their friends and families, a lone gunman indiscriminately opened fire from the window of his hotel room, killing 58 people and injuring more than 800 others.

“I am proud of the way the city of Las Vegas came together and rallied as a community in the aftermath of 1 October. That night, we saw emergency first responders run into harm’s way to get the injured to safety, community members drove victims to local hospitals, law enforcement officers put themselves in the line of fire to protect those being fired upon and health care professionals worked around-the-clock to tend to the wounded. Las Vegas has never been a stronger community than it was that day and in the following weeks and months.

“While we can never get back those who have been lost, we must honor their memories. Over the past year, I have spoken on the House Floor 58 times about each individual who was killed at Route 91. I have also spoken about what Congress needs to do to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. Congress must take action to pass bipartisan and commonsense solutions to prevent more gun violence.

“Mass shootings in America have become a common, everyday occurrence and they shouldn’t be. The American people must not live in fear that they or their loved ones will be the next victim. We should be able to attend concerts or church, go to work or school, visit shopping malls, grocery stores, movie theaters and night clubs without being shot.  

“Today is a solemn day as we reflect on the tragedy that happened in Las Vegas and as we honor those that passed far too soon. But as the healing process continues, we must continue to come together, and we must figure out a way to make this violence stop.”

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