Public Lands

Public Lands Congressman Kihuen is committed to protecting and preserving the state’s natural resources while strengthening economic opportunities and securing good paying jobs for Nevadans. He is dedicated to fighting for Nevada’s lands by creating ...Read More»


Healthcare The Affordable Care Act certainly needs improvement, but a wholesale rollback of the bill would cause millions to lose healthcare coverage and lead to a less healthy America. Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District already faces challenges ...Read More»


Protecting Healthcare Congressman Kihuen believes that those who have served our nation deserve access to the highest quality medical care. That’s why he wrote to the Department of Veterans Affairs urging them to renew their contract with the Ely Com...Read More»


America is a diverse country founded by immigrants and has provided millions with the chance to pursue the American Dream. I immigrated to America with my parents when I was only 8 years old. My family benefited from President Reagan’s Immigration Re...Read More»

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