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Washington, August 10, 2018 | comments

LAS VEGAS  – Yesterday, Congressman Ruben J. Kihuen (D-NV) attended the opening of Interstate 11 in Boulder City, Nevada. The nation's newest interstate will eventually connect Las Vegas to Phoenix, with a long-term vision of connecting Mexico, the United States, and Canada. More immediately, the project will help facilitate travel, trade and commerce between these major metropolitan centers. The 15-mile stretch of the interstate that was unveiled today started construction in 2015 with funding from federal and state money, as well as Clark County's fuel revenue indexing tax. Rep. Kihuen was Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Revenue and Economic Development and worked to approve the initial funding mechanism for this project in the state legislature.

“I-11 is a major step to ensuring that Nevada becomes competitive and prosperous in a global economy” said Rep. Kihuen. "This phase of I-11 brings us closer to creating a major multimodal north-south transcontinental corridor through the Intermountain West, connecting cities, trade hubs, railroads, and ports. I-11 will grow our economy, develop jobs and facilitate moving goods, services and people efficiently and safely between Las Vegas and Phoenix."


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