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Washington, May 17, 2017 | comments

May 17, 2017            
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WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Today, Rep. Ruben J. Kihuen participated in the House Democratic Caucus press conference calling for an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate Trump-Russia ties. Watch video of event here. An excerpt of his remarks can be found below:

"Enough is enough. President Trump’s unchecked and reckless behavior is impacting the national security of the United States. Unfortunately, each passing day raises new questions about President Trump’s decision making ability and his ability to lead. His contempt for our country’s institutions and justice system is flabbergasting.

“First he dismisses Sally Yates after she visited the White House to tell them Flynn had been compromised. Then, he went back on his own word - nothing new for this president - and dismissed Preet Bharara for investigating Russian money laundering. More recently, he suspiciously fired Mr. Comey, after the Director of the FBI requested more resources to investigate the Trump-Russia ties.

“Now, we’re learning he shared valuable classified information with the Russian foreign minister. If what’s being reported about Mr. Comey’s memo is true, then it would seem like there has been some obstruction of justice.

“Enough is enough. It’s time for an independent investigation to uncover the full extent of President Trump’s ties to Russia. The American people deserve answers. My constituents have a right to know. The last time we saw an American President act with such flagrant disregard for justice was Richard Nixon.”

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